Medicine Everyone Deserves



Thousands of individuals fear persecution in their war-torn home country. Many have seen, or experienced, unthinkable horrors and cannot return home. These individuals seek refuge in Canada, and hope to raise their families in a safe and nurturing environment. How can refugees, with little or no money, pay for medical care?


The health care system in Canada is something of great pride among Canadians. We are proud to say that everyone has access to our publically funded health care system. Unfortunately, many individuals who have sought refuge in Canada from war torn countries face financial barriers to our beloved health care system. GLITR hopes to help refugees’ transition to Canada in a small but meaningful way. We assist these individuals by paying for their prescription medications.


We have partnered with Refuge: Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health to assist those who have fled their come countries. With your generous donations we have been able to pay for these new comers’ prescription medications.